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About Riyadh Restaurants Project:

I and my friends in Riyadh always tried to find out an excellent website that sharing different opinions upon the restaurants in the city, unfortunately we have not found one with a good level of consideration of WEB 2.0 concepts where most of the websites are public and do not focus on specific domain. From this point, as it is my motivation, the idea came to my mind to build and then publish a website regarding sharing variant experiences of the famous Riyadh's restaurants.

The project idea is to build a 2.0 website for Riyadh's city restaurants in which users can share their experiences upon restaurants. Users can add restaurants, commenting and rating on each other’s. More specifically, a user should add a new restaurant if it is not yet being added by other user. The website has two core functions, the front-end page will show to the users the following function Google Map for the all restaurants, latest restaurants with ranking in the details, search engine, authentication box, about section, list of restaurants button, add new restaurant, control panel for administrator only ,change password feature, contact us,and RSS feature. The back-end page which is about each restaurant, it will contain the same information for front-end page, but with more functionality which they are, user’s comments by username for each comments, restaurant pictures, users rating, page pagination for the users comments, add new comments box which is include username, description/comment, and contact information. The website has authentication system, and it is secure, it will allow users to use the core functions for the website, if user not registered, they will not able to use any functions or feature. Users are able to search about restaurants using the built in search engine function, users able search by restaurant name or few characters to find the restaurant.
Adding a restaurant encompasses couple of restaurant's details include the following information: 

1. Name. 
2. Address (text and on map).
3. Phone number.
4. Foods types (Seafood, Chicken, Red meats, Vegetables).
5. Price level (high, medium, low).
6. Luxury level and in-suite design.
7. Facilitates available (Parking availability, Internet, Delivery, Toilet, Child Chair, TV, Music, Playing area for kids).
8. Interior multiple images.
9. Take away service or dining in the restaurant.
10. Email address.
11. Working hours for the restaurants.

After that a user can write his impression and opinion upon the restaurant. This comments include the following information:

1. Rating the restaurant.
2. Positive comments. 
3. Negative comments.
4. Tagging the restaurant.

All users can see others entries and contributing to comment and rate. Mainly I'll create two roles i.e. users and administrators. The admin role has a dedicated control panel in which managing all users comments and restaurants' details. The desired web have couple of important functionalities:

1. Search engine for restaurants. 
2. Listing restaurant according to latest insert. 
3. Registration system for new users. 

From another hand, the project depends on Microsoft Access 2007 as a database, and using Microsoft ASP.NET as scripting programming language.

By implementing this website, I eventually aim to end up with a massive database on Riyadh restaurants which helps my community to find out restaurants in easy manner.

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