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Discussion Entry for Comments Assignment by Iain (17.12.10 21:40 GMT)

Dec 17, 2010 at 9:46 PM
Edited Dec 17, 2010 at 9:47 PM

How to make site more Web 2.0 - It would be nice to have a rating system added to the Details.aspx page alongside the comments system and the ratings could then be integrated into the GridView of the main full listing page (List.aspx) so that the user could view the popularity of the restaurant before the view more information about it. It may be useful to be able to filter by the number of stars (or other rating system) restaurants have so that they can find one that receives excellent reviews/comments.
The placeholder of the map plotting the location of the restaurant on the Details.apsx page will be really useful (when developed) to help the user find the restaurant but it may be useful to also have a master map that shows all restaurants on one map. Even if the plots on the map are not clickable then it would still be useful as a guide to show the user the spread of restaurants across Riyadh.

Visualise data in the site - The use of graphs to show how many restaurants are in the directory in each location, by price level range, food type or luxury level would be useful. If the user notices that there may be a large number of cheaper restaurants in the system then they may want to add others to the system that are more expensive or are for a different food type that is not currently represented within the system.

(iain Henderson 17.12.10 21:47 GMT)