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Issues identified by Iain Henderson (17.12.10 21:00 GMT)


Hi Walid.
I have downloaded your site successfully and opened it using Visual Studio 2010. Project was successfully imported into the software after prompting that it was created using an older version of Visual Studio (2008).
Various pages are present within the site and these include - About.aspx, Admin.aspx, ContactUs.aspx, Default.aspx, Details.aspx, List.aspx, MasterPage.Master, New.aspx, RSS.aspx, SearchResults.aspx, SignUp.aspx, StyleSheet.css, Web.config as well as folders containing the Access database (RUHRestaurantsDB.accdb) and some Image folders for site and restaurant images.
The layout of the site is defined using the MasterPage.Master file and it provides a very good, consistent page style/layout throughout the site. Since the Master page is in use then it reduces duplication of code throughout the site and makes it very easy to update the whole site without having to manually modify multiple pages at a later date.
Some issues identified with the site (currently under development) so far included:
  1. RUHRestaurantsDB.accdb Access Database does not contain the login tables/queries so that it maintains all user login/password informaiton rather than the SQL database that is usually created by Visual Studio once the first user has registered for the site. This meant that I was unable to login to the site using the details provided by Walid but I was able to register for the site via the SignUp.aspx page and successfully logged in afterwards. This gave me access to the list of all restaurants in the directory and the More Details section which expanded on the informtion for the restaurant.
  2. The Login.aspx page does not seem to be present in the version of the site downloaded from Codeplex (v2586) but after looking into the changelist on Coideplex it looks like the page had been previously deleted from the project. The login box is present in the Default.aspx page so the user is still able to log into the system even without this page being present at the moment. Some pages do take the user to the Login.aspx page but you receive a server error.
  3. Some pages within the site are currently empty but these seem to be work in progress and therefore will be completed over the coming weeks before final submission in January 2011.
  4. The layout of the full directory on List.aspx is very clearly laid out but the GridView may benefit from adding Paging to it so that it is easier to use after many more restaurants have been added to the system. Sorting does work very well as does the link to the Details.aspx page for each business currently in the database.
    (Iain Henderson 17.12.10 21:47 GMT)